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Ambassadors of Luck Lane

Our school council are made up of one representative from each class from Year 1 to Year 6.  To be appointed as a councillor each pupil had to complete an application form, give a speech to their class and then be elected into role by their class mates.  The council meet every two weeks to discuss things that they would like to do within school, they are currently working on improving our wet play times by making wet play time boxes for each class.

Our peer mentors are all Key Stage 2 children who have undergone training to enable them to support other children.  They have received training to be anti-bullying ambassadors and are currently working towards an award for this. Their first project is organising a diversity day in school which will help them to earn their respect badge.


Experience- Aaminah

Hi, I’m Aminah and I am 10 years old. My hobbies are art, the animal kingdom and travelling. Out of school, I play tennis and enjoy cooking. I represent Luck Lane Primary and my House Captain role has given me the opportunity and experience to voice others opinion and share the thought of others. This is really important!

Discover- Musa

Hi, My name is Musa. I’m ten years old. I like ridding my bike a lot and swimming. My favourite subjects are history and English. My favourite colour is maroon. The food I love is spaghetti, lasagne and pasta bake. I would like to go on holiday to Egypt. I want to be a baker/chef.

Achieve- Katelin

Hi,I am Katelin and I am the Captain for Team Achieve. I am 10 years old and live in Huddersfield with my mum, dad, sister - Emmeleigh, brother - Harrison and my other sister, Maeseigh. 

Out of school, I like swimming and I am working towards my Gold Award. I am also a guide and we have done so many fun things together through Guides.

My favourite subject is History and I am working on liking maths!

Go, Team Achieve!

Inspire-  Fatima

Dear inspire, I would like to speak to you about our house points and how to win them. First things first, I'm going to speak to you about how I came to be the captain of Inspire. I think I was chosen to be a captain because I listened to students and help them . I'm a friendly person with a lot of always badges. I have good friends , who have inspired me loads. I've always wanted to be a house captain. I think it's a big surprise for me and will you to be the next house captains and I am sure you will be the next house captain . Now let's move on to the main point house points. We have got to win them to be first place in points. I really think it would be amazing if we do that. I want us to be the best team yet , wait not yet …EVER. I think we can do it if we all get star on the behaviour chart and carry on helping others. From Fatima house captain of Inspire


Vice Captains

Experience- Teni

Hi, my name is Teni and I have been chosen to be an ambassador and Vice-captain of team experience. I would like my team to try their best not to break any rules and to m

ake rightful decisions. In year 5 I wanted to be an ambassador, so I competed in the house captains’ election. Unfortunately, I lost. However, I came second which made me become a vice. In year 5 I tried to do everything right like not breaking rules, focus on lessons, be nice to people, assist people in need of it, being the best role model I could be, and being on my best behaviour. I hope this year that everyone in the Team Experience will: follow the rule the school had set out, be nice, and focus during lessons. This year I hope all pupils in the Team Experience would have a reason to celebrate as we CAN WIN THE SHIELD (A prize for that house group which has the most house points.) Every house point (Dojo) counts so let's win as a team can celebrate.

Discover- Salma

My name is Salma and I am a school ambassador. My favourite subject is maths because I find it entertaining and enjoyable. The reasons I think I was picked to be vice-captain of Team Discover is that I have an enthusiastic attitude to learning; I don’t give up easily and I help others. Out of school my hobbies are gaming, editing and drawing.

Inspire- Nye

Hy my name is Nye this is just a little bit about me and what I’d like this school to accomplish after I’ve gone to high school. But before we get into that I’d like to tell you a little bit about me first of all I like to play cricket. I also enjoy playing football with my friend Harris at this school’s after school club by the way if you are ever working late and you can’t pick your child up from school at three fifteen after school club is a great option I know this because I go myself. But back to the school I really hope this school can have more lovely events that happen in this building of joy like the Macmillan coffee morning that happened on the 24th September 2021 it really was fun and I would be lying if I said it was boring I and on top of that we raised a tun of money for the charity that is MacMillan now you might notice I am one of few children who did this that is because I am vice-captain of the team that is inspire the best team obviously. I hope you find this helpful and please consider sending your child to this school if you live in the area this school is very inclusive.

Achieve- Hassan

My name is Hassan Shah I am the vice-captain of house Achieve. I was elected by my previous teacher. He had chosen me for my intelligent and confidence. Out of school I like playing football with my mates and playing on my PS4.