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Online Safety

Dear KS2 Parents 

Many children are now given mobile phones or tablets at an extraordinarily young age. Unlike PCs or laptops it is much more difficult to monitor your child's use of their phone or tablet. It is therefore really important that they are taught how to use them properly as improper use can be extremely dangerous and result in breaking the law unknowingly. We take online safety very seriously here at Luck Lane, and we use the resource below called My First Mobile Phone to teach the children how responsible they need to be whilst using any online technology.

My First Mobile Phone | Kirklees Safeguarding Team

Year 6 have already completed this work and Year 5 are about to start work using this resource. From September, I would like to use parts of this resource in Year 4 too, as it seems many of our children are accessing mobile technology from an ever-younger age. 

I have also included, for your information the legal age restrictions for social media platforms as I know many of you will be unaware of these.

I do hope you find all of this information useful and that it helps promote informed conversations with your children at home.

Keep safe

Mr D Gough